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Facebook Rebrands, Alexa User Astonished

Alexa user discovers how much data Amazon has collected on them, Facebook prepares us for a dystopian future, and the Fruit Company announces a new round of MacBook Pros.

Facebook Down, Facebook Down

This week’s top tech stories: Facebook was down for the count, small businesses lose out, and Windows 11 launches with new Start button.

Astro Debuts, Influencers Want Pay, IG 4 Kids — Out

Amazon asks you to apply to buy its latest product, Instagram for Kids is paused by Facebook, and brand influencers cuss out the industries they flaunt.

Snoop Is NFT Kingpin, Killer Robots, Oh My!

This week’s top tech stories: Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated by robot, new white paint cools buildings, and Cozomo de’ Medici doxxes himself.

Regular Old People Goto Space

This week’s news: regular people become astronauts and blast off a SpaceX rocket, the Fruit Company announces new phones and watches to burn money on, and the most powerful AI bot is…black.

Will Launches Major Overhaul to

“Boss up and change your life.” – Lizzo
If you’re reading this, you’re looking at the new version of Click around. Let me know what you think.

El Salvador Tenderly Spends BitCoin, Theranos Trial Heats Up, FAA Clips Virgin Galactic’s Wings

This week’s news: El Salvador is the first country to tenderly spend BitCoin, the FAA grounds Virgin Galactic, and Elizabeth Holmes v US heats up.

Chinese Gamers Get Cut-Off, Flying Taxis Take Off, Drivers Licenses Go Digital

This week on First News 570: Chinese gamer kids are limited to 3 hours of play, NASA x Joby test flying cars in Big Sur, and Arizona and Georgia get iPhone drivers licenses first.