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Apple Pays Out 50 Mil & Amazon Cuts Jobs

A lot to cover in our first First News 570 segment of 2023. Apple, Amazon, and the Consumer Electronics Show round out the coverage.

3 Must See Holiday Classics for 2022

Don’t let the Scrooges ruin your holiday thirst for violence and gunplay. These are the must see classics to enjoy before Christmas is over.

Fake AI Interview, Free AWS Skills, & Metaverse

Amazon offers free AWS Cloud skills training, voice synthesizing company conducts fake Steve Jobs interview, and Microsoft and Facebook bore you in the metaverse.

Is STEM Programming the Answer

We invite the Imposter Eraser, Pamela Sharpe, to explore whether or not a huge focus on STEM is the answer to our future.

Apple Watches, Apple Phones, & China

Apple announces new phones, watches, and apps at yesterday’s September Apple event.

FN Meka, Apple, and Twitter Drama

Capitol Records signs the first AI rapper, then drops him, security updates and new devices from Apple, and more Twitter drama than you can stand.

Crypto: Is It the Future of Money?

We feature the Director of the National Policy Network for Women of Color in Blockchain, Cleve Mesidor and explore the wild and crazy world of crypto, NFTs, and blockchain.

Michigan Man Brings Rural Broadbase

This week, a Michigan brings rural broadband to his home town, Musk sells a bunch of Tesla stock in case he needs it for his Twitter purchase, and fraudsters launder a half a billion dollars over crypto.

Smart Scarves, Videogames, and Pegasus

Manchester City FC fans don smart scarves, scientist profess high end video gaming has no affect on well-being.

Elon Scuttles Twitter Deal

Elon Musk predictably backed out of the Twitter deal last Friday and it’s still making news. We also talk about the James Webb Space Telescopes first pictures.

The Cloud: AI and People of Color

We break down AI technology and explore its impact on people of color. We also talk about what AI technology is and that today’s AI technology is not SkyNet. Listen now on your local podcast station.

The Cloud Launches Today

After months of prep, recording, and mixing my new podcast, The Cloud, launches today. Subscribe and listen to the first episode, What Happened to Smart Cities today!

Starbucks Announces Coffee NFT

Snap announces new selfie drones, Starbucks announces a coffee NFT, and Gizmodo releases more Facebook Papers.

Musk Starts Drama at Twitter

More Elon Musk affects Twitter,

First News Mints NFT, AI Makes and Edits Pics

First News on 570 mints an NFT, Apple and Meta get phished by fake law enforcement, and Twitter announces a new edit button.

WingStop Sells Virtual Chicken Wings, Dyson Announces Air Purifying Headphones

Last week’s Top Tech News on First News 570 recap is now on YouTube for your listening pleasure.

AI, Community, and Collaboration Big at AWS

I spent two days at the AWS IMAGINE: NONPROFIT conference. I was inspired to do more to make a difference.

Mac Studio Upgrades and Russian Attacks

Mac Studio lock out users, US issues cyber alarm, and video game history under threat.

Data Based Bracketology

I analyze my NCAA Tournament bracket after one of the maddest weekends in March.

Our Favorite On-Screen Blerds

Ole chick, the Blerdmom, and I talk about our favorite on-screen blerds and why I’m more like Lord Nikon.

5 Reasons You Should Consider Business Coaching

I share my experiences working with a business coach during the Studio Codeworks days and why you should consider hiring a coach during your entrepreneurial journey.

Regulators Approve AMD Mega Deal

AMD completes $35 billion Xilinx acquisition, Facebook pissed at Apple again, and TikTok faces new data sharing scrutiny.

Wordle Gets Spurtled, SONY Buys Bungie

SONY buys Bungie for billions, NYT spurtles Wordle, and SEGA bows out of the coin-op biz.

SpaceX Rocket to Collide with Moon

An out of control SpaceX rocket is on its way to the Moon, crypto is still crashing, and incels are abusing chatbots.

Kentucky Fried Miracle Coming to You Soon

KFC starts selling fake-chicken, GM sells used cars, Kim K gets sued.

Elizabeth Holmes Guilty on 4 Counts

Elizabeth Holmes was found guilty on 4 counts of defrauding investors this week in one of the most anticipated cases of the last year.

The Great Annual Debate: Die Hard is a Christmas Movie!

Listen to me and the Blerdmom get down and dirty with the annual tradition of figuring out if Die Hard is a Christmas movie. (I’m watching Lethal Weapon, another Christmas action movie, as I type this)

The Best Egg Nog Recipe

I reprise my annual egg nog recipe with two strategic tweaks.

LOG4J Breaks the Internet

Ape NFT sells for less, log4j breaks the Internet, and Apple fights AirTag stalkers.

Apple+ Fronts Jennifer Lawrence, Kickstarter, *

Jennifer Lawrence to star in Apple+ Theranos drama, some new items added to the gift guide, Kickstarter jumps on crypto, and don’t play games while driving.

The 2021 Annual Holiday Gift Guide

The Annual Holiday Gift Guide is back! Plus virtual real estate fetches a $2.4MM purse.

Molasses to Rum – *Clink Clink*

A crypto group plans to buy the US Constitution, IBM makes a quantum leap, and get ready for Black Friday.

Facebook Stops Using Facial Recognition

This week’s top tech stories: crypto scammers make off with millions of Squid Games fans’ money, Facebook stops using facial recognition data in posts, and a girl sells $4 million in NFT art.

Halloween Spooktacular with the BlerdMom!

I join the Blerdmom to talk about spooky and cheesy Halloween movies, the Sandman Volume 2 and more nerdy stuff. Click the link to listen to her latest episode and share in my love for cheesy horror flicks.

Aurora Goes for Supremacy,Tesla Hits 1 Trillion

Tesla joins the trillion dollar club, Intel pushes for supercomputer supremacy, and Apple rattles app developers with new privacy tool. 

Facebook Rebrands, Alexa User Astonished

Alexa user discovers how much data Amazon has collected on them, Facebook prepares us for a dystopian future, and the Fruit Company announces a new round of MacBook Pros.

Facebook Down, Facebook Down

This week’s top tech stories: Facebook was down for the count, small businesses lose out, and Windows 11 launches with new Start button.

Astro Debuts, Influencers Want Pay, IG 4 Kids — Out

Amazon asks you to apply to buy its latest product, Instagram for Kids is paused by Facebook, and brand influencers cuss out the industries they flaunt.

Snoop Is NFT Kingpin, Killer Robots, Oh My!

This week’s top tech stories: Iranian nuclear scientist assassinated by robot, new white paint cools buildings, and Cozomo de’ Medici doxxes himself.

Regular Old People Goto Space

This week’s news: regular people become astronauts and blast off a SpaceX rocket, the Fruit Company announces new phones and watches to burn money on, and the most powerful AI bot is…black.

Will Launches Major Overhaul to

“Boss up and change your life.” – Lizzo
If you’re reading this, you’re looking at the new version of Click around. Let me know what you think.

El Salvador Tenderly Spends BitCoin, Theranos Trial Heats Up, FAA Clips Virgin Galactic’s Wings

This week’s news: El Salvador is the first country to tenderly spend BitCoin, the FAA grounds Virgin Galactic, and Elizabeth Holmes v US heats up.

Chinese Gamers Get Cut-Off, Flying Taxis Take Off, Drivers Licenses Go Digital

This week on First News 570: Chinese gamer kids are limited to 3 hours of play, NASA x Joby test flying cars in Big Sur, and Arizona and Georgia get iPhone drivers licenses first.

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