If you’ve listened to me on the air, worked with me, or attended a talk you know I love engagement.

Software and technology workshops are coming back in vogue now that the world is open after COVID. (crosses fingers)

Over the years, I’ve led elementary and high school students in software programming and game development, and conducted summer courses on Android programming for adults.

My workshops always begin with the basics, and each session builds on top of the other. The sessions are always guided so people make few mistakes, and the results are always fun. We’ve built a lot of fun widgets in my workshops. Some of them are:

  • A fully interactive shoot ’em up game.
  • A social media reader.
  • A newsreader.
  • An image editor.
  • A drawing program.
  • A Wikipedia search program.
  • A Congressional App Challenge award winning game. 🙂

The Congressional App Challenge Winning, Healthcare 4U Game

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