Advising & Consulting

Advising & Consulting

Making technology decisions to solve a problem or deliver on a project can be a challenging undertaking.

There’s a lot to consider in any problem or project that requires a technology component to get the job done.

User experience, maintainability, reliability, and scale are just the beginnings of a real conversation about software systems.

I’ve been writing programs of some sort since I was seven, and have been professionally writing, designing, and architecting big and small technology solutions since I was 16. I’ve seen a lot, and have done a lot. I’ve also had many successes, and a few failures here and there.

10 keys to successfully deploying a software technology product are:

  1. Have a Clear Cut Idea of How You’re Trying to Solve the Problem
  2. Really Know What You’re Building
  3. Design as Much as You Can
  4. Sweat the Small Stuff
  5. Iterate
  6. Iterate
  7. Iterate
  8. Iterate
  9. Iterate
  10. Iterate

I share these ideas and more in an upcoming e-book, 5 Keys to Building Great Software Products.

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