“I have dedicated my life to helping people through the use of technology.”
– William Lee Mapp, III

I have been privileged to have done and seen many things. I truly enjoy sharing my experiences and the years of knowledge I’ve gained from starting multiple companies, selling one, and working on and leading software projects.

I enjoy interacting with audiences and engaging them where they are on their journeys. Whenever I speak, my mission is to connect with people and share practical information and ideas grounded in years of business technology entrepreneurship.

I’ve won some, I’ve lost some, and I keep on pushing.

You can watch some samples of panels I’ve presented on YouTube.

Competitive Analysis Techniques for Small Business

I give a talk about competitive analysis for small business owners and leaders. In this talk I share ideas about conducting intelligence on the competition, analyzing product features and services, and tactical guidance for launching products.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

I conduct a workshop on the basics of AI and machine learning at Minority Innovation Weekend. Watch to gain some insight into AI software technology and how AI is used today. I also compare and contrast depictions of AI in movies and real life.

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