Books and More

Books and More

I like to make things.

I’ve written a few books, produced a couple of games, and continue to design and architect software systems. Here’s a collection of books you can buy on business and technology, and a few games you can play.

Fiction is on the way. 🙂

Seven Brief Lessons on Computing

My second book is coming really, really soon. Seven Brief Lessons is a fast and entertaining read for people who have stared at their computer and phones screens wondering what’s happening beneath the glass. Each chapter is a quick discussion on a computer topic with witty, historical, and practical information. If you’re curious this book is for you.

The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Technology

My first book on technology was written for entrepreneurs and business people needing details on technology products and software to make informed decisions. The Guide was written for business people who weren’t sure of what to buy or use to be most productive in business. You can purchase The Guide at for your Kindle device or app.



BlueBalls is the very first game I produced. It’s a mobile, Match-3 game for Android. We debuted BlueBalls at Blerdcon 2017 and we used the occasion to announce the game we wanted to make, Cupcake Diva. What’s crazy about BlueBalls is that it was banned in Korea. That marketing tactic led to increased interested. You can still play BlueBalls by downloading the game from Google Play.

Cupcake Diva Quest

Cupcake Diva is a remix on the matching game concept. It’s the first large scale game project we put into production. CC Diva has a power system, inventory, game map, and AI driven difficulty system. It’s a solid game, but we didn’t push it as far as we’d like to. Give it a shot, it’s actually pretty addictive. You can download it and play it on Google Play.

Silly Spooky Spirits

Silly Spooky Spirits is the brain child of Studio Codeworks’ lead developer of the time, Brandon Harris. He imagined a circular contact game play system that would react with greater difficulty the better you played. We debuted S3 at Blerdcon 2018 and had congoers test out the game in the autograph lines. The game was a hit with the congress and we put it into production. It released in time for Halloween.

Comics and Fiction


ANTIDOTE will be my first published work of fiction. (Not my first fiction project!) ANTIDOTE follows the adventures of a hard charging journalist who avenges women. The comic is set in Washington, DC and examines all of the political theatre and power trips mixed with sex and secrets DC is known for. The comic is for mature audiences and is available for pre-order at

More to Come

I often work on multiple things, and I have a couple of other projects in production. Stay tuned for more information about these projects. I’ve also been privileged to be a guest on the radio and podcasts. You can listen to my podcasts and others on the Podcasts page

Remember, All Roads Begin and End in the Enchanted Forest.

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