Ever since I’ve been a young lad, I’ve been asked for my opinions and commentary on technology and electronics products. I can be a fan boy sometimes and I have my favorites, but always share my perspective from a user’s point of view. I like geeking out on the latest gadgets and code, and I offer a solid view on tech.

I’m an analyst and contributor for Mark Starling’s Morning Show on First News 570, and a frequent contributor for Fox News Radio. After hosting my own radio show for 6 years on WEAA, I really enjoy media and sharing tech for the masses. Here are some of my shows, and others I’ve been featured on. Enjoy!

The Real Blerdmom Podcast

BlerdMom™ is the brainchild of Sabrina, who is an avid podcast listener, but felt that there was a lack of voices like hers – a black GenX woman who was nerdy (before nerdy was “cool”), interested in a wide variety of entertaining topics ranging from 70s soft rock to today’s superhero movies.

BlerdMom™ aims to fill that void with discussions and interviews with people on these topics.

Sabrina and her husband Will, are the host and co-host of BlerdMom™.

Mark Starling’s: The Nightfly Inquisition

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theSync – Baltimore’s Best Technology Show

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Fox News Radio

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