Technology companies are hot right now. COVID has turned the world upside-down and has shown industries that people can be just as productive at home or remote as they can be in the office. In some cases, employees have become even more productive at home by escaping the morning and afternoon commutes.

Collaboration software, communications systems, networking equipment, and message delivery systems have become key in the post-COVID world. Unlikely organizations like Intuit are picking up companies like MailChimp to boost their messaging infrastructure and glean insights from messaging.

On the consumer side, people have greedily streamed new content, stayed connected with loved ones over conferencing systems, and voraciously seek out their needs to be Educated, Entertained, and Eroticized.

Discerning what’s bullshit, and what’s real can be challenging for busy high wealth individuals and investors whose major talents lie in busy, but less in technology.

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