5 Reasons You Consider Business Coaching

At the end of the day, winning is all about mindset. We’re easily amazed when superstars sink a clutch three pointer in the final seconds, or make a one-handed catch in the back of the end zone. We rarely think about the hours of preparation and mindfulness superstars spend working on their craft.

The Katz Advantage

When we watch our favorite athletes perform amazing feats on TV we seldom think about their personal coaches. The team’s head coaches and assistants are often interviewed after games and debated on sports radio, but there is a hidden cadre of trainers and coaches working with athletes to fine tune their skills and yes help them find mental resilience under pressure.

In the entrepreneurship and business sectors there’s a cadre of professionals and executive coaches helping business leaders work through problems, fine tune their skills, and hone mental resilience when the going gets tough. Midway through my second venture, BA Systems, I engaged Susan Katz to help me work through a rut after we completed our first large scale government contract.

Susan helped me tune out the noise and get rid of the clutter keeping me from growing the business as well has helping me hone my core strengths as leader.

Last winter, Susan invited me to give a testimonial for her executive and business coaching company, Susan Katz Advantage, and I was more than elated to do so. Watch her video below, and I would encourage you to give her a call.

I’m also going to share 5 reasons you should consider hiring a business coach as you develop in your entrepreneurial journey.


Every day we wake up, put our pants on, and get busy. A fully functioning business has lots of moving parts. Employees to coral, suppliers to pay, and customers to care for. With so much going on, it’s easy to be insular and caught up in your own world. Your issues may be non-issues, or things you may NOT be concerned about could turn into trouble. Sometimes these things can only be observed by someone whose focus isn’t baked into the business every day. Business coaches can offer you a third party perspective on your challenges and concerns because they are seeing you and your business from the outside.


Business coaches have been around the block. Many coaches have worked in high corporate and started (and failed at) their own businesses before becoming coaches. They may have solutions to problems that you’ve been struggling with for months because, they’ve seen it before. I’ve always preferred learning from other people’s mistakes instead of experiencing avoidable problems.


Again, business coaches have been around the block. They’ll often know people in economic development organizations, professional clubs, and of course a bunch of other executives and business owners. Susan, has a network that is broad and wide spanning contacts across the entire spectrum of professions. If you need a lawyer for another set of eyes, your business coach may know someone. If you need to speak with someone who has gone through an acquisition, your coach may know someone. If you want to know if you should break up with your business partner…you get the point.


We all want to be successful, but deep down it can be down right hard to confront the issues within yourself that are holding you back. A good business coach wants you to be successful. They also understand, the more successful you become the problems don’t necessarily decrease — they change. A good business coach will help you discover your weaknesses in a way that isn’t malicious and give you tools and help to turn those weaknesses into strengths. Or…help you find ways of dealing with your weaknesses, like delegating for instance.


Yeah. I’ve started a couple of companies and had varying levels of success. At each stage of each company there were painful moments mixed in with the wins. A good business coach will help you through your growth periods, and be there when you need the push when making difficult decisions. I’ve faced a bunch of hard and painful decisions through out the course of running my companies. Being able to talk through scenarios and run thought experiences by my coach was a valuable experience.

If you’re in this for real, you are always looking for an edge. You should consider engaging a business coach at all levels through out your entrepreneurial journey. Professional athletes engage personal coaches all the time. Professional business people should too.

Check out Susan Katz and schedule a consultative call if you’re serious about growth.


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