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The Best Egg Nog You Deserve to Drink After Surviving 2021

I’m reprising my Egg Nog recipe for 2021. I’ve tweaked it a little bit. This year, I’m using Penzey’s Chinese Tung Hing cinnamon and my wife’s vanilla infused bourbon.

The Nog has been requested no less than four times this year. I think this is the best eggnog recipe I’ve ever used, and I can’t take all the credit for it. The recipe is truly a combination of Alton Brown’s Aged Egg Nog and Martha Stewart’s Classic Egg Nog recipes. I’ve made both at various times in my nog career, and decided to remix them together. My version yields two quarts.

Penzey’s Chinese Tung Hing Cinnamon is powerfully sweet. I normally hand grate my own cinnamon from sticks, but I’ve become fond of the extra oomph this cinnamon brings. The nutmeg is still hand grated.

Cinnamon. Oomph.

My wife has been making her own vanilla extract since March of this year. She’s infused bourbon and vodka with whole Sri Lankan and Madagascar vanilla beans. The process normally takes a year to complete, but she let me use some vanilla bean infused bourbon in this year’s recipe. I mean, I did buy the bourbon. She didn’t want to give me the particulars on where she bought the beans. She would only say she bought them from a co-op. Probably contraband.

Contraband Vanilla Beans
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Eggnog with cinnamon for Cristmas and winter holidays

Martha Stewart’s nog is a heavy pour, and Alton’s is scientifically perfect. My nog is a country boy’s mashup in between. There’s enough licka in this eggnog to kill anything you might be afraid of in those yolks. Still, serve cold, and always drink responsibly. We’re in a pandemic so you shouldn’t be drinking with a bunch of people anyway and are probably at home. 🙂

The Best Eggnog You Deserve to Drink After Surviving 2021


  • A stand mixer
  • A Microplane hand held grater
  • A rubber spatula
  • A metal spoon
  • A glass, half-gallon sized jar with rubber seal


  • A nutmeg seed
  • Tung Hing Cinnamon to taste
  • 1 Teaspoon Real vanilla extract
  • 7 Egg Yolks
  • 1 Cup of Sugar
  • A pinch of salt
  • 1 Pint heavy whipping cream
  • 1 Pint half and half
  • 1 Cup of Uncle Nearest 1856
  • 0.5 Cups of Vanilla Infused Bourbon
  • 0.5 Cups of Cognac
  • 1 Cup of Dark Spiced Rum

The Method

  1. Freeze the stand mixer’s whisk attachment and bowl until they’re really cold.
  2. In the meantime separate the yolks from the egg whites. If you don’t want to age the nog, you can whip the whites with sugar and make a meringue fluff to top the eggnog.
  3. Using your microplane, grind the nutmeg seed until you have enough nutmeg to flavor your nog. You can grate it in a dish or bowl, or whatever you have to hold it. The nutmeg amount is a matter of preference, so grate enough to taste.
  4. Using your microplane, grind the cinnamon stick into the same bowl or dish as the nutmeg for your flavor profile.
  5. Take the stand mixer’s bowl and whisk attachment out of the freezer and attach them to the mixer.
  6. Dump the egg yolks in the bowl.
  7. Dump the sugar on top of the egg yolks.
  8. Pinch the salt in with the yolks and sugar.
  9. Dump the ground nutmeg and cinnamon in with the yolks and sugar.
  10. Start the stand mixer by setting it to its lowest setting. You will cream (there’s a funny chef meme out there) the sugar and egg yolks for a long time.
  11. Cream the sugar/yolk mix until the yellow yolky color lightens and when you stop the mixer and lift the whisk, the yolks form a ribbon like stream from the whisk. It will be speckled because you’ve whisked the yolks with nutmeg and cinnamon.
  12. Restart the mixer and continue whisking for some more time.
  13. Add the vanilla extract.
  14. Increase the whisk speed to low/medium speed. The yolk mixer will thicken because more air is being added to the mix.
  15. Stop the mixer. Using the rubber spatula scrap any excess creamed yolk from the sides of the bowl.
  16. Restart the mixer on a low speed, we don’t want these ingredients splashing out of the bowl.
  17. Now, add the pint of whipping cream. Let the mixer whisk for a little longer. Do not whisk for too long. You’re not trying to make eggnog fluff.
  18. Add the half and half. The mixture should thin out now and you should be watching your eggnog mixture slosh around. It’s a little thick, this is okay. Just watch it for a moment or two.
  19. Add the dark rum. Watch the mixture slosh around. The color will darken to a rich, eggnog like, color.
  20. Add the cognac. Mixture is thinning some more.
  21. Add the brandy. Mixture is even thinner.
  22. Take a swig of the Uncle Nearest.
  23. Pour the rest of in the bowl.
  24. Let the mixer slosh all of the ingredients around for a bit.
  25. Stop the mixer.
  26. Stir the mixture using your spoon. Make sure you scrape the bottom some stand mixers find it hard to reach. Look at how your egg nog slides off of the back of the spoon.
  27. Is your egg nog…right? Do you need more whiskey? If so, take a sip and add a sip.
  28. Restart the mixer. Just let the stuff mix for a while. Listen to a couple of Christmas songs.
  29. Stop the mixer, and stir using your spoon.
  30. Empty the bowl into a glass jar with seal. Place the jar IN THE BACK OF THE FRIDGE.
  31. Wait for Christmas.

This recipe hasn’t failed me. I always have a little left over. I froze some of the left over egg nog and used it for the wet ingredients to make waffles. Everyone in the house loved them.

Merry Christmas!

Happy Holidays!

And Happy New Year!

2 Quarts

Monkeying Around Causes Ape to Lose Value, Apple Stops Stalkers with Android, log4j Blows Up Internet

The Nog is made! It’s aging in my refrigerator right now. It’s Thursday, and I’m back in the chair with Mark Starling, Seth, John, and the First News 570 crew. This week’s top tech stories: ape NFT sells for a fraction of the price, small software component leads to big headache, and Apple releases an Android app to stop stalkers. You can listen to Mark and I point and laugh while talking about the wild and crazy technology world every Thursday morning, LIVE at 6:43am Eastern by tuning into WWNC on the iHeartRadio app.

Yerp. Looks Pretty Bad. – Courtesy: Getty Images


Max, who goes by maxnaut online, mistakenly sold one of his NFT art paintings for a tenth of its value on the Ethereum blockchain. The NFT in question was one of the works in The Bored Ape Yacht Club collection of virtual (digital?) artwork. Max listed his work for 0.75 eth, or Ether, the cryptocurrency on the Ethereurm blockchain. He meant to list the art for 75 eth, instead. As soon as he clicked the button; a bot, or automated program paid a heft amount in gas fees (8 eth or $4,029) to scoop up the artwork for $2,844, and then later sold it for $284, 495. Here’s why this really sucks. Some high money holder of Ethereum paid two times the value of the transaction (the cost of the artwork $2,844) to get ahead of anyone else on the blockchain and make the sale. Most regular people wouldn’t pay transaction fees higher than the value of the item. (Unless it’s Ticketmaster) I’m still not sure where I land on cryptocurrencies and NFTs, but they ARE NOT solving problems. They are inventing new ones and exacerbating inequality issues that are already out of balance in the world. I’m off my soapbox.


The big news. The cloud computing and web software world was rocked to its foundation this past Monday. A small component used for writing event logs, or messages used for debugging, had a vulnerability that caused companies to scramble. The event logging component log4j is used in millions of software applications and devices around the world. Hackers figured out a way to exploit log4j to remotely execute programs on another server. We even went scrambling for a minute checking which services used log4j and where they were. The exploit possibly caused an outage on AWS which also affected Zoom users yesterday. If you’re an end user there’s nothing you can really do. Makers of your software will need to patch their systems. Two patches were released to fix the issue because…the developers didn’t completely fix the issue. Microsoft is reporting that state actors are trying to exploit the vulnerability to gain access to systems. There’s been a few high profile ransom attacks already reported. How big is this exploit? Over half of corporate networks, 100 million devices, and the US government is making agencies patch their systems by Christmas Eve.


Apple AirTags are little tracking devices that can be placed on items, in the car, or around the house to help people find things. The devices work because Apple device form a sort of mesh that creates a large area network used for tracking. Like many technologies, the technology was used for nefarious purposes by stalkers. Stalkers were using the tech to track women by dropping them in women’s coats or purses or affixing them to women’s cars. Apple made an update to their AirTag technology to alert users when an unknown AirTag is near their person. Apple…has releases an Android app that does the same thing.